Built Environment and Health

Research projects

Built Environments and Physical Activity in New Zealand Youth (BEANZ)

Team Members: Prof Grant Schofield, Dr Erica Hinckson and Dr Scott Duncan
Collaborators: Suzanne Mavoa  (SHORE & Whariki Research Centre), Dr Hannah Badland (University of Melbourne), Ester Cerin (University of Hong Kong), Vivienne Ivory (University of Otago, Wellington)

The study is part of an international collaboration across ten countries, and aims to characterise the links between place and adolescent health. We will measure the strengths of association of the built environment with physical activity, sedentary behaviour, body size and community connectedness in 1,600 NZ adolescents (12-18) years. These findings will inform national and international urban design policy and interventions to support youth being more active and connected with their communities.

Built environments, physical activity and obesity: a national and international study

HPC Researchers: Prof Grant Schofield, Dr Hannah Badland, Dr Melody Oliver, and Dr Erica Hinckson.
Collaborators: Prof Will Hopkins (AUT University), Associate Prof Karen Witten (Massey University), Prof Robin Kearns (University of Auckland), Dr Vivienne Ivory (University of Otago), Prof Tony Blakely (University of Otago), Ms Suzanne Mavoa (Massey University), Dr Helen Moewaka Barnes (Massey University), and Mr Hector Kaiwai (Massey University).

The Centre for Physical Activity & Nutrition (CPAN), in collaboration with Massey University, the University of Auckland, and the University of Otago, conducted a three-year project to explore the associations between body size and physical activity engagement in adults and children with built environment variables in their neighbourhoods.

The Global Positioning Systems in Health Research Network (GPS-HRN)

The GPS-HRN is an international initiative led by CPAN members. The aim of the network is to provide a communication forum that enables GPS researchers to collaborate by posting latest news, equipment reviews, and relevant publications.

HPC Researchers: Dr Scott Duncan, Dr Hannah Badland, Dr Melody Oliver
Collaborators: Prof Yves Schlutz (Lausanne University). Please see the members list for other collaborators (www.gps-hrn.org).