LCHF - Low Carb Healthy Fat

LCHF Debate

TV 3's 3rd Degree aired a segment on the increasingly controversial topic of "The Benefits of Saturated Fats". Not surprisingly, as NZ's leading advocate of the Low Carbohydrate High Fat (LCHF) living, Professor Grant Schofield played a major role in the interview. The segment highlights well-founded evidence on the merits of a diet based on the "evolutionary biology and understanding of human metabolism and nutrition

For the full 3rd Degree interview refer to TVNZ .

LCHF Seminar - Challenging Beliefs

A chance to view Professor Schofield and his team at the first LCHF seminar held in October 2013.

LCHF Reading List

Click here for the Reading List from the LCHF seminar. LCHF Reading List