Sovereign Wellbeing Index

We need to understand better what helps bring out the best in New Zealanders lives and how a constantly changing society can adjust to keep striving towards the goal of wellbeing for everyone. The first step to obtaining this is to better assess wellbeing at a national level and how it is changing over time.

The Sovereign Wellbeing Index will show:

  • The people and places in New Zealand who are getting the most out of life.
  • 'Insight in the components that build New Zealanders wellbeing.
  • Who in New Zealand is best prepared to deal with the highs and lows (e.g., economic catastrophe, environmental catastrophe).
  • It will give insights into what can be changed at both an individual and societal level to make New Zealand a better place to live.

Free2Move Events and Technology

Free2Move events are designed to provide opportunities for people to get into a simple, regular exercise habit with their friends and families.  Ongoing participation is the aim – not winning with fast times!  Entry is free, with courses suitable for walking or running between 2.5 km and 5 km located in local parks that are easy to access.  Community volunteers organise the events – same day, same time every week – and simple technology is used to log participation and track who’s really establishing a good healthy exercise habit!  During 2013, long-term participants will be rewarded with a surprise or 2 from us; but more importantly they will feel the benefits of improving their wellbeing by simple, regular exercise.

Free2Move technology is also used to support one-off events that encourage physical activity, such as the Active Post “Post Run” at the AUT Millennium Open Day on 4th November – where 1,000 kids are expected to run alongside their sporting idols.