The Human Potential Centre (previously operating as the Centre for Physical Activity & Nutrition) has several collaborators contributing towards our research.

Healthy Homework

  • Professor Kuni Jenkins
  • Professor Jim Mann
  • Claire McLachlan
  • Ms Margaret Johnston
  • Associate Professor Sheila Williams
  • Dr. Rachael Taylor

Children's mobility and physical activity in higher density urban neighborhoods

  • Associate Professor Karen Witten
  • Dr Hannah Badland
  • Nic Mason

Brief Interventions on Primary Care and Workplace Settings

  • Nicholas Garrett
  • Dr Lannes Johnson
  • Dr Louise Schofield
  • Associate Professor Felicity Goodyear–Smith

PLAY: Improving school to enhance physical activity in children

  • Dr. Rachael Taylor

Built Environments: Physical Activity and Obesity: International Study

  • Associate Professor Karen Witten
  • Ms Suzanne Mavoa