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Media coverage of research that is being conducted in the Human Potential Centre.

Article, Video News Hub: Assoc Prof Scott Duncan:
April 2017

Article North Shore Times: Assoc Prof Scott Duncan: March 2017

Article and Radio Live interview: Assoc Prof Scott Duncan on Auckland Council takes down berm swings due to safety concerns: February 2017

Article and RadioNZ interview: Scott Duncan on the pros and cons of tree climbing.
March 2016

Article, NZ Herald: Scott Duncan on Risky Play.
February 2016

Video clip and Article: Scott Duncan on Free Range Kids:
February 2015

Article: Grant Schofield on Saturated Fat debate on The Conversation

Video: Grant Schofield featuring on Campbell Live 'Standing at work'.
March 2013, TV NZ

Video: Grant Schofield speaking on "Standing at the workplace".
March 2013, World TV Limited

Video and Article: Grant Schofield during the launch of the Sovereign Wellbeing Index on TV1 Breakfast
25 September, 2012, TVNZ

Article: Grant Schofield on "time to man up"
November 2012, The New Zealand Herald

Video: Caryn Zinn's interview on Close Up. Bolts claim Gatorade 'good for everyone' creates confusion
October 2012, TVNZ

Article: Grant Schofield on 'Standing up for office health'
October 2012,

Article: Grant Schofield 'Buck urges men to take health seriously'
October 2012,

Article: Grant Schofield 'How well is your wellbeing?'
September 2012,

Article: Elaine Rush 'Mums-to-be targeted for testing'
October 2012,

Article: Caryn Zinn 'It's so convenient: Hooked on what we know'
October 2012,

Podcast: Grant Schofield 'Mens Health'
October 2012, Radio New Zealand

Audio Interview: Grant Schofield 'Buck Up: New book targeting men's health'
October 2012, NewsTalkZB

Article: Professor Elaine Rush: Nutrition expert questions obesity claims
July 2012, TVNZ

Podcast: Radio New Zealand: Science on Sport and Fitness
June 2012, Radio NZ

Video: Grant Schofield: Close-up: Urban Growth and Obesity
June 2012, TVNZ

Video: Grant Schofield: 2012 Physical Activity Forum - New Ways of Thinking to Get People Moving
June 2012, Alberta Centre for Active Living / Canada

Video: Grant Schofield: Flourishing for Everybody
June 2012,

Article: Grant Schofield: Tackling obesity and diabetes in New Zealand
June 2012, Scoop NZ

Article: Grant Schofield: What are we doing for leisure? We're online
March 2012, New Zealand Herald

Article: Grant Schofield: Kids want more playtime with parents
March 2012, 3 News

Video: Grant Schofield: Kiwi children deprived of crucial play time
March 2012, TVNZ

Article: Grant Schofield: Kiwi health mind willing, but flesh weak
December 2011, New Zealand Herald

Article: Grant Schofield: Kiwis worried about health: survey
December 2011, Otago Daily Times

Article: Grant Schofield: Yoga for girls to fight fat? Experts at odds
November 2011, New Zealand Herald

Article: Grant Schofield: Keeping fit with your furry best friend
November 2011, New Zealand Herald

Article: Elaine Rush: The importance of hydration during exercise
November 2011, New Zealand Herald

Professor Grant Schofield was announced as member of the New Zealand Health Promotion Agency Establishment Board
November 2011, Beehive / NZ Government

Article: Professor Elaine Rush: Vegan women lacking essential brain vitamin
October 2011,

Article: Professor Grant Schofield: Researchers play in Sandpit
September 2011, Health Research Council NZ

Article: Professor Grant Schofield: Walk this way to make the most of it
August 2011, New Zealand Herald

Article: Professor Grant Schofield: Shocking diabetes rates can be reduced
August 2011, Scoop Independent News

Video: Professor Elaine Rush: Project Energize
July 2011, Breakfast TV New Zealand

Article: Professor Elaine Rush: Healthier kids for 22 cent a day
July 2011, New Zealand Herald

Audio file: Professor Grant Schofield at the Auckland Supercity and Future Health Equity Symposium.
July 2011, The University of Auckland

Article: Wokbaot Jalens: Ni-Vanuatu women taking the lead
July 2011, Daily Post Vanuatu

Video: Professor Grant Schofield: NZ Heart Foundations Post Quake Seminars for Christchurch
July 2011, Heart Foundation NZ

Article: Professor Grant Schofield: We're sitting ourselves to death
July 2011, The Dominion Post

Video: Professor Grant Schofield:New Regeneration Added - City that Support Free Range Children
June 2011,

Video: Professor Grant Schofield: Healthy Cities
June 2011, TedxEQCHCH

Article: Dr. Scott Duncan: Healthy Kids Start at Home
May 2011, New Zealand Herald

Video: Professor Grant Schofield: On the Move
May 2011, AUT University

Video: TV NZ: Professor Elaine Rush: Energy drinks to be reviewed.
May 2011, Source: TV NZ

Video: TV1 Good Morning: Scott Duncan physical activity/nutrition
April 2011, Source: TVNZ

Teachers hit the juice for healthy drink-off
April 2011, Media Monitors

Wokabaot Jalens - a step count challenge in urban civil servants in Port Vila, Vanuatu.
March 2011, Daily Post Vanuatu

Sedentary lifestyle and the built environment
December 2010, News Health Research Council, page 21

Sitting for long periods can be bad for your health, even if you exercise regularly
February 2010, Vitality Works

BMI - a true measure of obesity?

Wii love the sports
5 March 2009, North Shore Times

Auckland's kids take millions of small steps in the right direction
2007, Travel Wise. Thinking Transport