Caryn Zinn

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Senior Lecturer, Head of Research: School of Sport & Recreation, Dietitian

Phone: +64 (0) 9219999, ext 7842


Physical Address:

AUT-Millennium Campus


  • PhD (AUT)
  • MHSc (AUT)
  • BSc. Hons (Dietetics) (UCT, Cape Town)
  • BSc (Physiology) (UCT, Cape Town)


  • Dietitian’s Board New Zealand (Registration body). NZ Registered Dietitian
  • Dietitians New Zealand (Professional body) member
  • Editorial Board member: AOSIS Scholarly Books - Domain Health & Veterinary Sciences.
  • Editorial Board member: Journal of Insulin Resistance.

Teaching Areas:

Nutrition (public health, metabolic health and sports performance).

Research Areas:

Nutrition as applied to metabolic health and sports performance.

Research Summary:

Dr Zinn's research activities are centred on the development, implementation and evaluation of nutrition strategies (in particular, the low carbohydrate, healthy fat (LCHF) nutrition approach) on improving metabolic health and sports performance in a variety of settings.

Current Research Projects:

Past projects:

  • “Low carb kids”; an LCHF weight loss study in children (HRC-funded feasibility study).
  • LCHF nutrition in the NZ defence force (randomized controlled trial)
  • The effect of the ketogenic diet on sports performance in recreational athletes.
  • Impact of LCHF nutrition on body composition, strength, and sport performance in powerlifters.
  • LCHF vs usual care for weight loss in Pacific Island DHB employees
  • Nutrient analysis of LCHF diets.
  • Hyperinsulinaemia
  • Development and evaluation of LCHF nutrition resources for low socio-economic groups with type 2 diabetes.
  • Exploring the nutrition and physical activity patterns of New Zealanders.

Current projects:

  • Effect of ketogenic diets on high functioning business executives.
  • Comparing LCHF and usual care nutrition management in type 2 diabetes.
  • Exploring gestational diabetes in NZ.
  • Effect of LCHF and ketogenic diets on metabolic health outcomes; symptom differences in low carb diet initiation.
  • Effect of the built environment (including nutrition and physical activity) on children’s body size.

Future projects:

  • Exploring the LCHF nutrition approach in the dental health care setting.
  • Applying the ketogenic diet in the management of concussion and cognition.
  • Descriptive study addressing nutrient intake of existing LCHF and ketogenic diet patterns.
  • Fasting and weight loss.



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