Student profiles

Below are our current postgraduate researchers and their research projects.

Andrew King (Masters candidate)
Topic: The Ergogenic Effect of Pre-Exercise Carbohydrate on High-Volume Resistance Training Performance.
Supervisors: Eric Helms, Caryn Zinn

Abelardo Gil Sotomayor (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Novel Combination of Exercise and Carbohydrate Restriction for Metabolic Health
Supervisors: Nigel Harris, Mikki Williden, Andrew Kilding, Deborah Dulson

Erin Smith (PhD Candidate)
Topic: High intensity combined aerobic and resistance exercise: Effects on cardiometabolic health
Supervisors: Nigel Harris, Lance Dalleck, Gary Van Guilder

Gayle Souter-Brown (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Towards Well-being: What Are the Effects of the Sensory Garden on ‘apparently Well’ People and Could It Be a Viable Self-help Tool for Staff and Students on Campus?
Supervisors: Erica Hinckson, Scott Duncan

Gazal Bharara (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Positive Mental Health of Adolescents: Facilitators and Inhibitors
Supervisors: Aaron Jarden, Scott Duncan, Erica Hinckson

Geeta Sharma (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Benefits and feasibility of an integrated dance programme in the New Zealand primary school curriculum
Supervisors: Scott Duncan, Jennifer Nikolai, Tom Stewart

Isaac Amoah (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Does a Vegetable-enriched Nothing Else™ Bread Have Benefits to Health?
Supervisors: Elaine Rush, Carolyn Cairncross

Julianne Taylor (MPhil candidate)
Topic: A pilot study to test the effect of the autoimmune protocol diet in people with rheumatoid arthritis.
Supervisors: Caryn Zinn, Gael Mearns

Kim Santabarbara (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Female Hormonal Cycle Based Strength Training Programme Design
Supervisors: Nigel Harris, Deborah Dulson, Robert Borotkanics

Leila Hedayatrad (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Disentangling the combined effects of 24-hour time use behaviours on childhood physical and mental wellbeing: a compositional data analysis
Supervisors: Scott Duncan, Tom Stewart

Peter Carter (PhD Candidate)
Community Governance: A technology-based citizen engagement planning model in the Auckland context
Supervisors: Erica Hinckson, Ljubica Mamula-Seadon, Moushumi Chaudhury

Sarah Hancock (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Perceptions of the Role of Diet in Dental and Metabolic Health, and the Acceptability and Impact of a Diet with Reduced Sugar and Starch in the Total health Status of Youth and Families
Supervisors: Grant Schofield, Caryn Zinn, Simon Thornley

Sylvia North (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Dietary Approaches in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: Blood glucose, insulin, and carbohydrates
Supervisors: Caryn Zinn, Catherine Crofts, Grant Schofield

Tamara Bozovic (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Quality of the walking environment and difficulties to access local destinations
Supervisors: Erica Hinckson, Melody Smith, Tom Stewart

Tanya Cleland (Masters Candidate)
Topic: Exploring the oral health attitudes and practices of adolescent mothers: A case study
Supervisors: Patricia Lucas, Carolyn Cairncross

Yasmine Elmahdy (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Towards more sustainable marine mammal tourism: An assessment of New Zealand's marine mammal tourism management regime
Supervisors: Mark Orams, Michael Lueck

Yuval Eyal (Masters Candidate)
Topic: The role of secondary school sport academies in New Zealand
Supervisors: Patricia Lucas, Simon Walters