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Grant Schofield
Grant Schofield
Scott Duncan
Scott Duncan
Associate Director
Erica Hinckson
Erica Hinckson
Academic & Research staff
Nigel Harris
Nigel Harris
Academic & Research staff
Charlotte Jelleyman
Charlotte Jelleyman
Academic & Research staff
Lisa Mackay
Lisa Mackay
Academic & Research staff
Tom Stewart
Tom Stewart
Academic & Research staff
Caryn Zinn
Caryn Zinn
Academic & Research staff
Julia McPhee
Julia McPhee
Academic & Research staff


The AUT Human Potential Centre has collaborated with a wide range of experts on many of its research projects.

  • Professor Kuni Jenkins
  • Ms Margaret Johnston
  • Professor Jim Mann
  • Claire McLachlan
  • Dr Rachael Taylor
  • Associate Professor Sheila Williams
  • Dr Hannah Badland
  • Nic Mason
  • Associate Professor Karen Witten
  • Nicholas Garrett
  • Associate Professor Felicity Goodyear–Smith
  • Dr Lannes Johnson
  • Dr Louise Schofield

Current students

  • Andrew King (Master's candidate)
    Topic: The Ergogenic Effect of Pre-Exercise Carbohydrate on High-Volume Resistance Training Performance.
    Supervisors: Eric Helms, Caryn Zinn
  • Christine Wardle (MPhil)
    Topic: Public Health Nutrition
    Supervisors: Professor Grant Schofield, Catherine Crofts
  • Fern Pereira (Master's candidate)
    Auditing the healthiness and eco-friendliness of year 6 students' lunchboxes in socio-economically diverse Auckland schools
    Supervisors: Prof Grant Schofield, Tom Stewart
  • Julianne Taylor (MPhil candidate)
    Topic: A pilot study to test the effect of the autoimmune protocol diet in people with rheumatoid arthritis.
    Supervisors: Caryn Zinn, Gael Mearns
  • Olivia Malamentenios
    Feasibility of using digital photography with a food processing classification system to improve quantification of food quality
    Supervisor: Prof Grant Schofield
  • Rebecca Rose (Master's candidate)
    Topic: Acute effect of heart rate monitor projection on exercise effort in Intermediate aged school students
    Supervisors: Assoc Prof Nigel Harris, Chris Lonsdale
  • Tanya Cleland (Master's candidate)
    Topic: Exploring the oral health attitudes and practices of adolescent mothers: A case study
    Supervisors: Patricia Lucas, Carolyn Cairncross
  • Yuval Eyal (Master's candidate)
    Topic: The role of secondary school sport academies in New Zealand
    Supervisors: Patricia Lucas, Simon Walters
  • Anantha Narayanan (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Application of data science methodologies to explore, predict and model wellbeing outcomes using the New Zealand Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI).
    Supervisors: Dr Tom Stewart, Assoc Prof Scott Duncan, Prof Gail Pacheco
  • Elias Cohen (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Applied mobilities and the creation of healthy participatory futures concerning urban regeneration on community wellbeing in Aotearoa-New Zealand
    Supervisors: Assoc Prof Scott Duncan, Jennifer Nikolai
  • Erin Smith (PhD candidate)
    Topic: High intensity combined aerobic and resistance exercise: Effects on cardiometabolic health
    Supervisors: Nigel Harris, Lance Dalleck, Gary Van Guilder
  • Gazal Bharara (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Positive Mental Health of Adolescents: Facilitators and Inhibitors
    Supervisors: Aaron Jarden, Scott Duncan, Erica Hinckson
  • Geeta Sharma (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Benefits and feasibility of an integrated dance programme in the New Zealand primary school curriculum
    Supervisors: Scott Duncan, Jennifer Nikolai, Tom Stewart
  • Kim Santabarbara (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Female Hormonal Cycle Based Strength Training Programme Design
    Supervisors: Nigel Harris, Deborah Dulson, Robert Borotkanics
  • Lana Chisholm
    Topic: Examining the wellbeing of rangatahi impacted by new urban regeneration projects in Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand Supervisors: Prof Erica Hinckson, Assoc Prof Scott Duncan
  • Leila Hedayatrad (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Disentangling the combined effects of 24-hour time use behaviours on childhood physical and mental wellbeing: a compositional data analysis
    Supervisors: Scott Duncan, Tom Stewart
  • Nikki Penetito-Hemara (PhD candidate
    Tuia te matauranga, kia hono ai te kori - Bind the knowledge to connect movement
    Supervisors: Isaac Warbrick, Assoc Prof Nigel Harris
  • Peter Carter (PhD candidate)
    Community Governance: A technology-based citizen engagement planning model in the Auckland context
    Supervisors: Erica Hinckson, Ljubica Mamula-Seadon, Moushumi Chaudhury
  • Sylvia North (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Dietary Approaches in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: Blood glucose, insulin, and carbohydrates
    Supervisors: Caryn Zinn, Catherine Crofts, Grant Schofield
  • Tamara Bozovic (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Quality of the walking environment and difficulties to access local destinations
    Supervisors: Erica Hinckson, Melody Smith, Tom Stewart
  • Wendy Reynolds (PhD candidate)
    Yoga as a Self-Management Tool: The flow-on effect of Yoga to Physical Health, Psychological Wellbeing, and Positive Health Behaviours
    Supervisors: Elizabeth Du Preez, Assoc Prof Nigel Harris
  • Yasmine Elmahdy (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Towards more sustainable marine mammal tourism: An assessment of New Zealand's marine mammal tourism management regime
    Supervisors: Mark Orams, Michael Lueck

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