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Students can complete a master's degree or a PhD in the area of physical activity and nutrition.

To become involved in any of the projects below contact the project supervisor for more details.

Topic and supervisors

Exploring physical activity and brain development in children

Examining the use of portable GPS for monitoring the location of free-living physical activity in children and adults

Utilising popular technology (ie instant messaging, social networking) to promote healthy behaviours in children and adolescents

Promoting children’s active transport to and from school

Workplace health

Includes interventions in the workplace, audit tools, economics of workplace health (plus other aspects as we have a much wider programme of research in this area)


Especially sustainable and active transport and their relationship to health (especially physical activity and weight status). This is a wide programme for research so there's a range of projects to become involved in).

Effect of standing in the classroom on total physical activity levels in children

Validity and reliability of an audit tool to assess walkability of the environment surrounding schools

Child roaming distances by neighbourhoods

Internships for international students

The Human Potential Centre offers a number of opportunities for international undergraduate and postgraduate students to work in the research centre and gain experience working in an applied research environment with a strong connection to community health promotion.

While these placements are usually unpaid there's an amount of work that students can be paid to do depending on visa requirements and the student's ability to undertake part-time employment in New Zealand.

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